The inspiration for the EnergyWise Co-operative is the vision of a low carbon society, where everyone enjoys the benefits of a warm comfortable home. If our homes are well-insulated, take full advantage of prevailing sunshine, and topped up with an efficient heating system, we will go a long way in learning to live in harmony with our environment, while having our needs for warmth fully met.

Together with other like-minded groups and organisations, we seek to spread this understanding through bespoke advice to householders on short and long-term energy-efficiency measures and behaviour. We are committed to giving time to forming an understanding of each particular situation, and to working to find the best solutions. We fully appreciate the potential of the Green Deal to enable these solutions to come to fruition. As a workers’ co-operative we abide by the seven Co-operative Principles which include democratic control, common ownership, and consideration of the wider needs of the community.

We can provide:

• Energy Performance Certificates.

• Assistance in how to bring properties up to a ‘D’ rating if solar panels are to be installed.

• Assistance in understanding the Green Deal.

• Support in checking tariff rates with Energy Companies.

• Unhurried conversations about the use of central heating, and ways of keeping warm.

• Female advisers.

• Green Deal Assessments (as soon as the systems are up and running).

Please go to the relevant section, or contact us for further information.